Jo Jo's Elixir


8oz & 16oz Bottles

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A Vermont Organic Certified Processor - Jo Jo's Elixir - Garlic Tincture, is made only from top quality garlic. Processed naturally, Jo Jo's Elixir brings relief to many livestock infections while maintaining your farms organic certification. Veterinarian recommended and used by local Vermont Organic Certified Farms. OMRI and NOFA-Vermont approved!

We want to encourage new vendors of our product. Let us work together to make this fabulous product accessible to everyone. So, contact us, and in the comments field let us know you want to become a vendor of Jo Jo's Elixir. Spread the word!

Jo Jo's Elixir, LLC.
Atn: JoAnn Madison
2803 Smith Street
Shoreham, VT 05770
United States

Cell: 802-349-6262
Phone: 802-897-2024
8oz & 16oz Bottles
8oz Bottle Garlic - Tincture Image

8oz Bottle Garlic - Tincture
You get 8oz or 240cc bottle of Garlic Tincture!

16oz Bottle - Garlic Tincture Image

16oz Bottle - Garlic Tincture
You get 16oz or 480cc bottle of Garlic Tincture!