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" With farmers always having ten things to do at one time it was important to create an efficient way to use our garllic tincture. We felt that pre-filled syringes would be the farmer friendly way to go. The syringes are easy to use, store and dispose of, taking very little time and effort to use. We all know that you need to be fast responding to a sick calf and JoJo's Elixir does just that. "

JoAnn Madison
12 - 30cc Doses Image


12 - 30cc Doses
30cc Prefilled Syringe of our Garlic Tincture

20 - 15cc Doses Image


20 - 15cc Doses
15cc Prefilled Syringe of our Garlic Tincture

Garlic Tincture 8oz Bottle Image


Garlic Tincture 8oz Bottle
8 oz or 240cc bottle of Garlic Tincture